Cost and access to a mode of transportation are some of the biggest barriers that keep children and families from seeing their incarcerated loved ones. Writing letters and talking on the phone is not enough communication between children and their incarcerated parent, which is why Children of Promise, NYC has promised its families regularly coordinated trips to correctional facilities.

100% of funds raised through ING NYC Marathon donations will be used toward the purchase of a van to make regular visits to correctional facilities possible and help reconnect our families. Please support Team Children of Promise, NYC and help us keep this promise.


**please include the runner’s name in the ‘in honor of’ section of the donation form**

Robbie Curry

I decided to sponsor Children of Promise, NYC (CPNYC) because its mission and vision directly aligns to my own life’s work of working with children from low income communities.  As a teacher who witnessed first-hand the consequences children endure when a parent is imprisoned, I can’t help but support an organization whose sole purpose is to support those children as they struggle to deal with the stigma that comes from such a reality.  I look forward to continue this organization’s mission as a mentor to a child of an incarcerated parent and I am excited to reach my fundraising goal which will ensure CPNYC will continue to have a tremendous impact on the children it reaches.

Amount Raised:$1,460.00

Thank You Robbie!

Elizabeth Sinclaire

Elizabeth is very excited to be running the NYC marathon this fall with Children of Promise.

As a current advocate for the Bronx community and it’s children and families, Elizabeth felt inspired to bring her passion to Brooklyn and the kids here who face the immense challenges that come along with having an incarcerated parent. After training, she also hopes to be a mentor to one of Children of Promise’s youth, and continue to support their growth and healing. This is her first marathon and she is thrilled to be running it for such a worthy cause! Thank you for your support!

 Amount Raised:$3,070.20

Thank You Elizabeth!

Sarah Bennett

Sarah Bennett is thrilled to be advocating for the children of Children of Promise through raising money for the marathon. She is also extremely excited to serve as a mentor through CPNYC’s mentoring program, Project Hope. She has spent much of the past five years focusing on the detrimental effects of the prison system; most closely through working with children. Sarah teaches Writing to the 7th graders at Achievement First Endeavor Charter School, down the road, in Brooklyn. This will be her fourth marathon but only her second in NYC, and she can’t wait to hit the pavement in November, knowing to what a wonderful place this fundraising is going. THANKS in advance for the support!!

Amount Raised:$2,515.00

Thank You Sarah!

Chris Blake

Chris Blake has partnered with Children of Promise for many years. As Senior Vice President at Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc., he has provided the organization with brand new books, toys, shoes and clothes for their programs that meet the needs of children of imprisoned parents.

Chris says, “I have seen first-hand the impact that CPNYC has on children of incarcerated parents. These silent victims suffer the consequences of their parent’s poor choices and live each day dealing with separation, hopelessness, and rejection. Children of Promise breaks the cycle of generational incarceration and gives them something to count on. My hope is that by running 26 miles this fall, I can get the word out about CPNYC and raise some money for these kids. Together, we can give these silent victims a voice.”

Thank you for helping me make that happen.

Amount Raised:$1,505.00

Thank You Chris!

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