Cost and access to a mode of transportation are some of the biggest barriers that keep children and families from seeing their incarcerated loved ones. Writing letters and talking on the phone is not enough communication between children and their incarcerated parent, which is why Children of Promise, NYC has promised its families regularly coordinated trips to correctional facilities.

100% of funds raised through ING NYC Marathon donations will be used toward the purchase of a van to make regular visits to correctional facilities possible and help reconnect our families. Please support Team Children of Promise, NYC and help us keep this promise.


**please include the runner’s name either in the comments section of the donation form, or in the response form following a donation**

Julie Pinsonneault

“I decided to sponsor Children of Promise, NYC (CPNYC) because I strongly believe in its mission to help high risk, high needs kids who have an incarcerated parent. Childhood should be a time for growth and self-discovery and every child deserves to feel safe and loved during that process.  CPNYC helps these kids to get on a healthy path towards adulthood, despite some pretty harrowing circumstances. I’m also grateful to be friends with Anna “Ms. A” Morgan-Mullane, who helps to run CPNYC’s mental health division. I know these kids are in good hands and I’m happy to raise funds to help CPNYC and the rest of the team keep doing good work”

Anna “Ms. A” Morgan-Mullane

“Being a member Children of Promise, NYC’s innovative team has completely transformed my work as a clinician and advocate for children and adolescents with incarcerated parents. Serving as the Director of Mental Health has allowed me to work intimately with the participants to address their unique needs and strengthen their future goals.

It is truly an honor to be a part of the lives of the children and families I have worked with over the past three years and I am very excited to join my two passions (running and CPNYC) for the greater good of the organization. Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing all of you out there cheering this November!”

Steven Pressacco

I am truly honored to be an advocate for the Children of Promise program. I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to grow, learn, and become viable members to society regardless of the environment in which they are raised.

CPNYC can help influence these children and give them the tools they need to become contributing members of society. This is why I will be running the 2012 NYC marathon, and donating all funds that I raise to this great organization. Thank you to everyone for all of your contributions and support, I look forward to hitting the ground running!

Joyce Chen

It is a real privilege to be running the NYC Marathon for Children of Promise. As a former public official in New Haven, Connecticut, I came to see the devastating impact of incarceration on families in the district I represented. Too many children already grow up without a parent; I support Children of Promise because their mission of fostering relationships with parents is a mission that will have long-lasting impact. I am thrilled that all the fundraising proceeds from the NYC marathon (yes, 100%!) will go towards supporting the CPNYC van that helps reconnect children with their incarcerated parents.

Pierre Le Veaux

I’ve been a Board member of Children of Promise, NYC for 2 years and it has been my honor to support and serve such a tremendous organization.

CPNYC gives children of prisoners a place to feel safe and accepted so they can overcome the trauma and challenges they’ve experience in their young lives.

I am excited to support the organization further by running in the ING marathon and raising additional funds to support the great work of CPNYC.

Thank you for helping me to reach my fundraising goal of $3,000.

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