CPNYC understands that the cycle of intergenerational involvement in the criminal justice system can be broken if social, economic and educational inequities are addressed. Our work begins with the de-stigmatization of parental incarceration, creating an environment that is tailored specifically to the needs of our children.

CPNYC provides services to over 200 children of prisoners
and their families each year through its after school, summer camp, mentoring and mental health programs.

CPNYC offers children of prisoners the opportunity to explore new educational opportunities, express themselves creatively and emotionally, build meaningful relationships and gain new experiences. Children are empowered to speak openly about their family histories and their feelings of angry, sorrow and frustration. CPNYC programs help children to feel safe, nurtured and accepted in a strength-based environment that fosters positive development and successful outcomes. At CPNYC, we recognize that the strength and resilience of our young people is best measured through their growing belief in the possibilities of their own promise.


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