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September 25, 2014




NYSAN’s : Expanded Learning Opportunities
CPNYC participant,Rosanie Cazaeu artwork highlighted

September 02, 2013


Amsterdam News

Sharon Content: Shedding light on an issue kept in the dark
July 25, 2013


DradioCPNYC on Germany’s #1 DRadio
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July 25, 2013






Great coverage in today’s New York Nonprofit Press!

March 8, 2013

The Partnership for After School Education (PASE) raised a record-breaking one million dollars at their 20th Anniversary PASEsetter Awards Gala held at Cipriani 42nd Street on February 28 which honored five exemplary afterschool educators. More than 600 people celebrated the 2013 PASEsetters including leaders in the youth serving community and youth practitioners, as well as New Yorkers from the corporate community, academia, city government, private foundations and the arts community.

PASEsetter Awards are given to afterschool educators who demonstrate outstanding commitment, more…


CPNYC featured on the Melissa Harris-Show on MSNBC

New York Post Liberty Medals 2012 (Children of Promise,NYC)

NY POST:  ‘Forgotten’ kids’ pal

These children “are invisible to society’’ — but not to Sharon Content.

In 2007, she founded the Brooklyn nonprofit Children of Promise, NYC to meet the needs of kids with a parent in prison. It offers after-school programs, summer day camp and therapeutic services.

“It was a population I felt was forgotten, invisible to society,’’ she said.

“I wanted to create a safe place for children dealing with the shame, the stigma and, for many, the secret of having a parent in prison.’’

The goal of the Bedford-Stuy-based program, is to help the kids ‘‘deal with the issues, the loss, the depression, the anger’’ with services that include therapeutic art, music therapy and other outlets so they can express themselves ‘‘artistically, socially and emotionally.’’


“Secret Millionaire” donates to two Brooklyn charities

ABC’s “Secret Millionaire” has donated to two Brooklyn-based non-profits – and all of America will get to watch it happen in August.

Sean Belnick, a 25-year-old self-made millionaire, traveled more than 700 miles from Atlanta, Georgia to go undercover as a “volunteer” at a Bedford-Stuyvesant organization that helps children with incarcerated parents, and a Red Hook group offering counseling to New York City firefighters and their families.

“It really makes you realize what you have and how much you take for granted on a day to day basis,” said Belnick, CEO of the e-tail office furniture enterprise

Belnick, who ditched his luxurious digs in Atlanta and lived on a food stamp-equivalent wage of $57 a week in subsidized housing in Brooklyn during filming for the episode, said volunteering was “an eye-opening experience.” more…

NerdWallet’s Top 4 Non-Profit Afterschool Programs

The U.S. education system has long been scrutinized for the foolish decision to cut back on funding for afterschool programs and focus solely on classroom education. Although math, science, and literature are fundamental to one’s overall education, these cuts don’t take into account that learning isn’t restricted to school hours. Actually most of life’s most important lessons are learned on the playground from peers and first hand experience. Fortunately, these nonprofit organizations continue to provide the afterschool care and enrichment kids need to grow. Here are our top 4 non profit afterschool programs.

Children of Promise: Providing care for children with incarcerated parents

One could only imagine the difficulty of being or having an incarcerated parent. The Children of Promise organization is the only one of its kind, providing afterschool and summer day camps to children with incarcerated parents. more…

Youth, I.N.C. Organizational Video

Brooklyn Independent Television: Brooklyn Review

Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc.

K.I.D.S. has responded to more natural disasters in 2011 than in any other year.  To date, there have been 69 declared disasters in the United States with pleas for help coming from our local community based partners around the country.  EVERY DAY OVER THE PAST YEAR WE HAVE BEEN RESPONDING TO NEW THREATS TO PEOPLE’S LIVES.

First, we helped the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan with new merchandise.  New merchandise is still being shipped there. more…

Children of Promise
by Samantha Michaels

Not long after Sharon Content opened an after-school and summer program for youths in Brooklyn, she had an interesting conversation with one of her students. “Ms. Content?” said a little boy in her program, preparing to reveal a secret. “It’s hard to love someone who everyone else says is bad.” The boy was referring to his parent, because like an estimated 800,000 children, he lost one of them to the New York state prison system at a very young age.

Last week I had an opportunity to speak with Content about her program, called Children of Promise, which she created in 2007 to help children with incarcerated mothers and fathers.  more…

When Parents are Upstate…
by Eleanor Bader

The handwriting is literally on the wall at Bed-Stuy’s Children of Promise, an after-school program and summer camp exclusively for the children of incarcerated parents.

“I feel angry at you for not being at home with me,” wrote one.

“I wish you would not have hit my mother,” wrote another.

A “Hope Tree” reaches from floor to ceiling…  more…

A Reason and a Season… to Believe
by Dylan Houle

On Friday, Children of Promise (CPNYC), a non-profit, after-school program for children who have one or two parents that are incarcerated, held its second annual Christmas party at Brooklyn Tabernacle.

The parents mingled in the recently renovated gymnasium, while the children practiced Christmas carols and dance routines. The mood was festive and light and these children, who have at least one parent behind bars this Christmas, seemed happy and hopeful.

According to CPNYC, over 2 million children in the U.S. have an incarcerated parent. more…

Kite Sender- Christmas Party Video (Dec 2010)

When Mom’s in Jail, a Mentor Means Even More

Almost 2.5 million kids in the US have a parent who is in prison. So who steps in to fill the void? With any luck, it’s you.

“For children who experience other kinds of separation from their parents, there’s some level of sympathy. The children of incarcerated parents don’t get that. They’re also serving time,” said Sharon Content, the founder of Children of Promise, NYC, a three-year-old organization committed to doing everything it can to make sure that the children of incarcerated parents don’t end up behind bars themselves.  more…

Brooklyn Community Foundation Do Gooders Award – November 2010

A boro of ‘Do Gooders’ Quiet heroes up for award
by Elizabeth Lazarowitz

In Bedford-Stuyvesant, Sharon Content runs an after-school program for children with parents in prison.

In Windsor Terrace, Tom Angotti turned his 5,000-square-foot yard into a community garden.

In downtown Brooklyn, Jonathan Askin finds free legal help for small business startups.

The three borough residents are just a few of the 200-plus nominees for the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s “Do Gooder” awards.  more…

When Your Dad’s Behind Bars
To one boy in Bed-Stuy, a program for children of the incarcerated makes a difference.
By Patrick Egan

Bedford Stuyvesant — Mickel Marchan stands about two inches taller than any of the other six- and seven-year-olds in his after-school group at Children of Promise, a Brooklyn program for children with parents in prison. This past fall, his creative movement class had barely begun when he decided to use that physical advantage to test the limits of “creative.”  more…

Children of Promise, NYC

In July of 2009, I came across an organization that was seeking out volunteer librarians to help create a library and I immediately jumped at the chance to be a part of this unique experience. Children of Promise, NYC is a non profit organization, located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, that is “committed to embracing and empowering children of incarcerated parents to break the cycle of intergeneration involvement in the criminal justice system.”  Founded last year by Sharon Content, CPNYC looks to provide guidance, promote positive social relationships, develop leadership skills, and enhance academic performance.  Without organizations like this, 70% of children of imprisoned parents wind up in the criminal justice system themselves.  Furthermore, they must deal with the rejection and stigma of having a parent in the system. In response, CPNYC provides an innovative after-school program, as well as a summer camp and mentoring. more…

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