Recognizing that decisions made by the Caregivers affects the daily lives of the children in their care, CPNYC extends support services to the guardians, family members, & caregivers of the children we serve.

Support services for families and caregivers are offered to assist them in acquiring healthy coping strategies in managing the emotional, mental and financial challenges of caring for the child of an imprisoned parent.

Parent support group meetings are offered monthly to provide a forum for care providers to discuss their concerns and struggles in a setting that is safe and reassuring and which provides a support base of individuals who share and understand their circumstances. Parents receive referrals for any support services not offered through CPNYC.

In addition to Parent Support Group meetings, CPNYC provides:

• 24 hour crisis services
• Empowerment Groups
• Parenting Classes
• Advocacy
• Care Coordination Services
• Recreational Activities
• Social Service Referrals


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