Meet CPNYC's Summer 2018 Interns!

CPNYC is excited to introduce their new summer 2018 interns! Interns are a key component to the success of the organization, but often work behind the scenes. We are excited to get to know the interns and have them work alongside our staff and volunteers to ensure that summer 2018 is our best summer yet! While we have around twenty five interns working this summer, we have selected a few that work with different parts of CPNYC to feature!


Name: Mikaela O’Sullivan
Type of Intern: Communications/Development
Age: 20
From: Manhattan
School: Indiana University - Bloomington
Year in School: Junior
Major: Law and Public Policy
Most excited for: I am most excited to help CPNYC with its social media by introducing daily instagram stories
CPNYC in three words: Energetic, amazing, life-saver
How did you find out about CPNYC? I actually represented CPNYC in a contest for my high school about 6 years ago. I have been a big supporter of CPNYC ever since!


Name: Sydnie Kupferberg
Type of Intern: Summer Camp
Age: 17
From: New York City
School: University of Miami
Year in School: Freshman
Major: Education and Human Development
Most excited for: Meeting and inspiring the children
CPNYC in three words: Distinct, compassionate, altruistic
How did you find out about CPNYC? My mother works at Delivering Good and donates product to CPNYC


Name: Esther Glasgow
Type of Intern: Summer Intern
Age: 20
From: Trinidad and Tobago
School: Medgar Evers College, CUNY
Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Mass Communications
Most excited for: To work with the children
CPNYC in three words: Proactive, responsible, involved
How did you find out about CPNYC? Through one of my colleagues at school


Name: Andrew Bristow
Type of Intern: Finance Intern
From: Brooklyn
School: Keller Graduate School
Year in School: Second
Major: Accounting
Most excited for: Learning how a non-profit balances its budgets
CPNYC in three words: Fun, relaxing, incredible
How did you find out about CPNYC? LinkedIn


Name: Miranda Muzhen Zhang
Type of Intern: Administrative
Age: 21
School: Case Western Reserve
Year in School: Senior
Major: Sociology and Psychology
Most excited for: Laughter
CPNYC in three words: Loving, kind, passionate
How did you find out about CPNYC? Career Website