This behind-the-scenes look showcase CPNYC's dedication to addressing the human cost of parental incarceration.

CPNYC founder Sharon Content, was featured in a compelling segment on "Women in Prison" from America Tonight, Al Jazeera America’s award-winning news program. This behind-the-scenes-look at CPNYC and the children and families we serve showcases our commitment to addressing the human cost of parental incarceration.

NEWS 12 BK | Brooklyn Nets Players Surprise Children

Brooklyn Nets players brought holiday cheer to our program participants, offering gifts and a visit with Santa.

Four Brooklyn Nets players surprised a group of CPNYC children at Santa Land in Atlantic Terminal Mall Tuesday evening. The 75 children at the event each had the chance to spend time with Santa, receive a gift and even dance with the players.   

THE NEW YORKER PRESENTS | S1 E6: The Caging of America

The New York Presents discusses mass incarceration in the United States, an epidemic that CPNYC is dedicated to targeting.

During Season 1, Episode 6, The New Yorker Presents features CPNYC in their segment "The Caging of America," where writer Adam Gopnik addresses the epidemic of mass incarceration in the United States.

The New Yorker Presents is a new program that brings America’s most award-winning magazine, The New Yorker, to the screen with documentaries, short films, comedy, poetry, animation and cartoons from the hands of acclaimed filmmakers and artists. 

BBC MAGAZINE | Saving Black Children from Suicide

BBC News Magazine reports on those who seek to save black children from the alarming uptick in suicide.

An increase in suicide among black children has alarmed mental health professionals—and shed light on overlooked issues that can arise when treating youth who experience trauma. Journalist Krishana Davis reports on those who seek to change these stark statistics.

VIBE | Children of Promise, NYC Restores Relationships Between Children & Their Incarcerated Parents


Sharon Content, President and Founder of CPNYC, spoke with VIBE about the birth of the organization and the moment she realized the tremendous need to support children of incarcerated parents.

CUNY TV | Children of Promise, NYC

Founder and President of CPNYC meets with Ronnie M. Eldridge to discuss the organization's mission.

Ronnie M. Eldridge, articulate, outspoken and passionate member of the NYC Council from 1989 to 2001, hosts Eldridge & Co, a television series that covers the issues, people and politics of NYC. As a guest of this week's episode, Sharon Content, founder and president of Children of Promise, NYC, brings sharp reality to our attention: 2.5 million children in the US and 105,000 in New York State currently have a parent serving time.