Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Children of Promise, NYC.

All prospective volunteers at Children of Promise, NYC are subject to a comprehensive background check. Processing your forms in a timely fashion requires them to filled out completely and accurately. Before submitting, please double check that you have provided your signature where necessary and have filled out all highlighted fields. Please also ensure that you have submitted a scan of your photo ID to

For the New York State Statewide Central Register Database Check (SCR):

You must list all addresses of residence over the last 28 years. We need consecutive months/years of residency. Any gaps will prevent your paperwork from being processed. If you lived in another country, just list the country name and months/years of residency, we do not need your international street address. If you were in college over this period please include only your address of residency. you should only have one address listed at any given point. If you are having difficulties tracking down your residences from the last 28 years, check old tax returns or obtain a credit report from your credit bureau.

For the Application Consent for Fingerprinting (CBC):

Identifying information provided must match the form of identification that you submit to us with your forms. This is the ID you will eventually bring to your fingerprinting appointment. Fingerprinting will not be administered If the information differs from that of the identification provided.

For the Fingerprint Authorization Form:

Remember to enter all highlighted fields, including race and ethnicity.