Andrew Gilchrist

It’s an amazing experience. Jaden inspires me and it’s additionally inspiring to know that I inspire Jaden as well.

Date you became a mentor:
September 2013

What inspired you to get involved with CPNYC?
I wanted to give something back to the community I lived in.

What is it like to be a mentor?
It’s an amazing experience.  Jaden inspires me, and it’s additionally inspiring to  know that I inspire Jaden as well.

Share your most memorable moment as a mentor.
When we were at a Yankees game, Jaden turned to me and told me, “Andy, I like you man, I love hanging out with you.”  On the way back from the game on the subway, Jaden fell asleep on my shoulder.  I just about cried.

How has your mentee transformed in your time together?
Jaden is a young man now.  He listens to me and looks up to me in ways he never had before.

What advice would you offer to future mentors?
Listen to them and they will listen to you.